4 groups of Kiwis who love online doctors and how they benefit

Making healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient than ever, online doctors are benefiting many people from all walks of life up and down the country. From first time parents to those without transport, new telehealth services have made seeing a doctor easier than ever before.

With a wide range of benefits, people are using virtual appointments like those offered through Bettr to meet their needs and circumstances. We explore four such types of people and how they are benefitting below.

Busy parents

Parents and their children are both benefiting from virtual doctor appointments. When children are sick, that last thing many parents want to do is deal with the hassle and added stress of seeing a doctor in person.

Getting a child ready, loading them into a car, driving to a clinic and waiting for a doctors appointment can be difficult, even more-so for newborns and infants. With online consultations, parents can avoid all that.

With the ability to book online in just minutes, parents can arrange appointments that best suit their kids’ schedules, whether that be sleep, school or activities. With no driving, queuing, or waiting needed, a video consultation can be far less stressful for their little ones. And if they're sick, you can even keep them in their bed.

With our own Bettr service, we meet the national standard meaning all online appointments are free for patients under 14, so there is no need to worry about the cost. With no requirement to be registered with Tāmaki Health to get them free care, trying Bettr’s virtual appointments for your children is easy.

“Just leaving some feedback to let you know the Telehealth appointment was awesome! Being a mum, it can be such a hassle to take my baby with me to my normal GP office! The video call was so handy, I even did it in my dressing gown! My doctor was very thorough and got to know me. I will be recommending it to friends and family!” – Molly, August 2020


People with busy schedules are benefiting from online doctor appointments. Getting to the doctors can sometimes be difficult, especially if we are busy with the likes of work, kids, commitments or just life in general. More often than not, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day, and this leaves us putting our health needs to the side, particularly if your typical doctors’ appointment means long queues and wait times.

With telehealth services, it’s easier to make your health a priority. Booked in just minutes for a time that best suits you, you can arrange to see a doctor virtually from wherever best suits, whether that be in your car, at work or from home.

Ten minutes is all it takes for our Bettr doctors to help. With no wait times and available seven days a week from 8 AM, when time is precious, Bettr’s virtual appointments make for a convenient option. 

“Such a seamless and stress-free process, convenient and straight forward, the easiest option as opposed to making an appointment and going in to see the doctor. Less wait time, avoiding the queues, reasonable cost, highly recommend this service.” – Dee, December 2020

Remote living

People who live far away from their nearest doctors’ clinic are benefiting from video consultations. Because now, the ‘doctor nearest me’ is in your very own living room. With traditional healthcare, the only way to see your doctor is in person. For those who live or work remotely, this can prove to be too big of an obstacle to overcome, particularly if a multi-hour round trip is required.

This distance and time investment can mean health needs, big and small, don’t get met. Using a digital telehealth service means the physical barrier to health access is removed. With the only requirements being a digital device and internet connection, online services like Bettr mean you can see a doctor from the comfort of home – no travel needed.

“This is amazing help for patients who can’t go out to a walk-in surgery. I had a really good experience. Thank you” – Rinal, July 2020


People without a means of transport are benefitting from online doctor consultations. Having a car or other consistent way of getting around is no longer a surety as people forgo personal vehicles for the likes of public transport. Reliant on transport options that are fixed means getting where you want when you want can be difficult, especially if on short notice.

With telehealth services, doctors appointments can be conducted via video consultation online, meaning no transport is required. Whether it’s from the comfort of your couch or a meeting room at work, services like Bettr make healthcare easy.

With the ability to book an appointment online and see a doctor whenever best fits your schedule, you don’t have to worry about the likes of bus timetables or uber fares when seeking a consultation.

“I love it. It’s a really good initiative. I don’t drive and every time I need to go to a clinic, I have to take a taxi or public transport. Not having to travel and wait for the doctor saves so much time. Please keep online appointments going. Thank you!” – Hargun, November 2020

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