Opening Hours

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For your convenience, we’re open:

  • 8am – 8pm
  • 7 days a week
  • Nationwide access

Time matters, when it comes to your health.

When we say it’s the easy way to see a doctor when and where you need, we mean it. Bettr operates from 8am – 8pm every day, so you can see a doctor after hours in the evenings or on weekends if that suits you best. Usually on the day you book, too.

Fit your doctor’s appointment in during your lunch break, after dinner, while baby sleeps, or before your Sunday brunch plans. You can choose a time that works for you, with our extended hours including weekends. Now you can make your health an immediate priority.

Get seen without delay

Now you don’t have to wait for Monday or take time off work to start getting better. If you want to put your mind at ease right away, we can very often provide same-day appointments. Just pick an available time slot with the doctor you want to see, when you book online. Booking takes just 5 minutes.

If it’s urgent, you will likely still need to head to a clinic to be seen (or dial 111 if it’s a critical medical emergency).

Time is precious with little ones

Bettr’s extended hours and accessibility help you fit healthcare in around busy schedules with kids. If the appointment’s for you, you can do it after bedtime. If it’s for your child, they can even stay in bed too. Or grab a moment before drop-off or when you’re both home on the weekend. What’s more, no waiting around in a clinic with a tired sick child, or strapping them into a car seat. And of course, Bettr online appointments are always free for under-14’s so it’s even easier.

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  • What happens if I need more time?

    If you need more time at the end of the consultation you should discuss this with your doctor before the consultation ends. The doctor may suggest booking another telehealth appointment or a face to face visit. There may be an additional or new charge for this; please discuss this with the doctor.

  • How long is the appointment?

    An online appointment lasts for 10 minutes of face to face time with the doctor and allows the doctor another 5 minutes to complete other tasks such as writing letters on your behalf.

  • What happens if I need a follow up?

    If you need a follow up, you and the doctor you should discuss this before the consultation ends. The doctor may suggest booking another telehealth appointment or a face to face visit.

  • What happens at the end of the telehealth consultation?

    The doctor will check with you to ensure you understand what they think the problem is and what should be done about it. This may include any or all of the following:

    • Arranging another follow-up appointment for you
    • Arrange a lab test eg a blood test for you
    • Arranging a face to face appointment for you
    • Writing a referral to a specialist or allied health service eg hospital, physiotherapist
    • Sending you some educational material about your condition/problem.

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What we treat

Access a full suite of healthcare services

As long as it’s not a medical emergency you can make a doctors appointment at Bettr and get help with a wide range of healthcare services such as; ACC follow-ups, hand and foot issues, fevers, allergic reactions, rashes, skin problems, respiratory problems, coughs, cold and flu, medical certificates, oral health, mental health and many more. For more details on what we can (and can't) treat see our treatment services.

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Register for more.

Bettr's online doctor service is available nationwide to everyone. If you're in Auckland you can register and see a doctor online or in-person at any of our 40+ GP clinics.

Plus more great benefits:

The price of Bettr consulations drops to $45, and under 14s are free!

Get access to all 40+ Local Doctors GP Clinics and White Cross Urgent Care clinics

Most in-person GP consults are $20 or under when you register

*If you require face to face to treatment following your online consult, you can be referred to one of our nearly 50 GP clinics from Whangarei to Christchurch.
*Most in-person GP consults are $20 dependent upon the clinic

Register for $45 consults
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If you're in Auckland you can register today and see a doctor for $45. You can also see a doctor in-person at any of our 40+ GP clinics for under $20*. Learn More