Why Use Bettr?

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Online Doctors can save you time and money. Save your energy for getting well

Now you can stay in bed and have the doctor come to you for your appointment. Bettr is the faster, easier, stress-free way to see your doctor. Designed to offer a modern healthcare service that is accessible, easy and fair for all Kiwis, Bettr is innovative health care at its best.

So easy to use, Bettr means you can see a New Zealand-registered and experienced doctor at your convenience.

There are so many reasons to give Bettr online doctors a go. Try it out for yourself to see just what a game-changer Bettr can be.

Bettr is Fast

  • You can book in minutes and usually see a doctor the same day
  • Zero travel time
  • No waiting or queuing at a clinic - just join the waiting room at the scheduled appointment time
  • From anywhere: see the doctor wherever you are and join your appointment in seconds (as long as you have phone or internet reception)

Bettr is Convenient

  • No app to download
  • Choose from a range of doctors, including the option to select male or female
  • Longer hours – appointments available in the evenings and weekends to fit around your schedule, 7 days from 8am
  • No need to take time off work for simple health needs – you can even do your appointment from a quiet meeting room
  • No need to register with us to see a doctor (but cost savings apply if you do)
  • All you need is a mobile phone, laptop or tablet, and an internet connection

Bettr is Affordable

  • One simple flat pricing structure
  • NZ’s cheapest online doctor consults
  • No app or software required
  • Enrol to access cheaper rates across our whole clinic network too
  • No travel or parking costs to get to your appointment

Bettr is Safe

  • Our secure online appointment system means you can feel reassured that your information remains safe and private
  • If Bettr, Local Doctors or White Cross isn’t your normal doctor, we will securely share your appointment notes to your regular doctor for care continuity (unless you ask us not to)
  • All our doctors are licensed and experienced to practice in New Zealand - they’re the same experienced doctors you see in our clinics when you visit face-to-face.

Bettr is Comprehensive

  • Most common ailments that don’t require physical examination or treatment can be treated by Bettr
  • Get referred for most kinds of specialist care via Bettr
  • Bettr is part of the Tamaki Health network that also includes White Cross and Local Doctors, so we can ensure you receive seamless follow-up care in-person wherever it’s needed

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