Medical Certificates

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Get your medical certificate sent to you online

Need a medical certificate for proof of illness, an application (such as ACC or WINZ), or for your records? It’s easy with Bettr. And you can stay resting in bed.

Usually we can provide your certificate straight after your online appointment, we aim to email it to you within 1 hour. We can also help you with any medications or other support you might need to get well, during the same appointment. In some cases you might need to go into a clinic for a follow-up to complete the process of getting your medical certificate, which we can discuss with you during your appointment if it’s required (eg for routine health checks).

ACC Certificates

If you have not yet had an initial assessment to ensure you are covered for ACC, you will need to do this in a clinic in-person. After your initial assessment is complete, Bettr online doctors can help you with any follow-up consultations and necessary applications to get covered by ACC for your accidental injury, and with referrals to specialist services that may be required for additional treatment. ACC applications for those specialists will need to be managed with the specialist service provider you are referred to.  

Medical Certificate for WINZ

If you need a certificate to help you obtain financial assistance and support from Work and Income we can help with that. Patients must be enrolled with Tamaki Health (Local Doctors), have seen a doctor in person at one of our clinics and we must hold full and complete medical records.

Medical certificates are required by Work and Income New Zealand when applying for benefits such as the Child Disability Allowance or general Disability Allowance, Emergency Benefit, Veteran's and Disablement Pensions, and Live Organ Donor Assistance. Depending on the circumstances and existing information on file we may need to see you in person to complete the process, but you can start with a chat with your Bettr doctor online. WINZ will use a certificate alongside other information to determine if you are eligible for financial assistance. You can learn more on the WINZ website

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What we treat

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As long as it’s not a medical emergency you can make a doctors appointment at Bettr and get help with a wide range of healthcare services such as; ACC follow-ups, hand and foot issues, fevers, allergic reactions, rashes, skin problems, respiratory problems, coughs, cold and flu, medical certificates, oral health, mental health and many more. For more details on what we can (and can't) treat see our treatment services.

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