Telehealth Patient Information

Making a virtual consultation with a Bettr doctor

You will meet using video conference technology to connect you both so that you will not have to leave your home community. This will reduce the time, cost and stress associated with travelling to an appointment.

Disclaimer (health advice given to New Zealand based patients only)

Telehealth consultations can only legally occur for patients physically located inside New Zealand at the time of the consultation. All Tamaki Health doctors are physically located inside New Zealand and New Zealand registered doctors cannot give health advice to patients located overseas. Any such advice inadvertently given should be disregarded and medical advice and assistance sought from a local doctor only.

Your Privacy is Important…

Your doctor knows your personal health information is important and must be protected. Personal health information is any information that can identify you and link you to health care services. Your doctor uses your personal
health information during the telehealth consultation and will have access to your existing personal health information if you are already enrolled (are a registered patient) with a GP in the Bettr/Tamaki Health network (eg Local Doctors, ETHC, White Cross, clinics). Your doctor will not give this information to anyone other than those involved in your care without your approval, unless required to do so by law.

By agreeing to a telehealth consultation, you give permission to your Tamaki Health doctor to release the relevant aspects of your personal health information to those involved with your care including your GP if Tamaki Health is not your usual GP. You also give permission for your Tamaki health doctor to access any health information relevant to your consultation from Testsafe( the New Zealand national secure data repository which includes your data held at public hospital hospitals, community laboratories and dispensing services). You can withdraw your permission for this at any time before or even during your telehealth appointment.

Your doctor uses a variety of physical, administrative and technical methods to protect your personal health information.

You have the right to see your personal health information and to ask that your doctor make corrections if the information is inaccurate or incomplete.

What is a virtual consultation?

Telehealth uses video cameras and monitors to connect you to a doctor, reducing the need to travel to receive care. You will be able to see, hear and talk to the doctor.

How does a virtual consultation work?

A telemedicine appointment is just like a normal appointment; only the doctor you will be seeing and speaking with is on a monitor. Before you arrive, the doctor you are going to see will already have relevant information about you to support your health. However, you may be asked to bring test results, medications or x-rays with you. The videoconference connection is made with the doctor at a different location and the consult begins.
Is there a cost for a virtual appointment?
There is a fee for a virtual consultation will require a fee to be paid. This fee is paid prior to the consultation starting.
Telehealth consultation fees are available on the Bettr website and there is also advice about what to do if you need to change or cancel your Bettr consult.

Is telehealth private?

Just like normal doctor’s appointment, your Telehealth visit will be private and confidential. It can only be seen and heard by the health care professional involved. If you have any questions, please speak to your health care professional during the consultation.

Keen to give feedback/unhappy?

We are here to listen and help. If you have any positive or negative feedback please provide it here.