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by Local Doctors and White Cross

See a doctor online in minutes. That’s Bettr.

Bettr is the online doctor from NZ’s largest private primary healthcare provider. 

Our trusted online doctors are available nationwide and ready to chat by video or phone 8am to 8pm, 7 days. 

We offer same day appointments and online prescriptions. There’s no app to download, no need to change GP and no registration; just immediate healthcare wherever you are.

  • FREE for patients under 14
  • $10 for registered patients
  • $49 for non-registered patients
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  • FREE for patients under 14
  • $10 for registered patients
  • $49 for non-registered patients
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Why Bettr?

We make it easy.

  • Book in minutes
  • No waiting, no queuing
  • NZ’s cheapest online doctor consults
  • No app to download

We work for you.

  • “Visit” on your computer or phone
  • No registration needed
  • Book for you or your family
  • Available 7 days from 8AM

We're trusted.

  • Registered Kiwi doctors
  • Private, secure consultations
  • Same high-quality expertise as an in-person visit
  • Secure online prescription ordering

How Bettr works.

Booking an online consult.

It’s just three easy steps. Booking is super quick, with easy access, instant confirmation and same day appointments available. You could be seeing an online doctor in minutes. 

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Attending a consultation.

You’ll need a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera and a good internet connection.

Follow the link in the email or SMS we send you.

Tap the link and join the virtual waiting room.

The doctor will admit you and your consultation begins.

Your consultation lasts up to 10 minutes.

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What does Bettr cost? Probably less than you’d think.

$10 for registered patients

$49 for non-registered patients

FREE for patients under 14

Prices are applicable to all online appointments, that means there are no specific treatment prices, no evening or weekend surcharges just the three prices. You can pay securely with credit card, debit card or by bank transfer, up to you.

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Our Online Doctors.

Seeing a doctor online might feel new and unusual, but our doctors are the same trusted doctors you can visit in person. Bettr provides the same quality healthcare that you receive with a trip to your local clinic, just now it's virtual care and without the need for the trip!

Learn more

Online Prescriptions.

Pick-Up or Delivery

When the Doctor prescribes you medication during your consultation through Bettr, you can choose to have your online prescription delivered to you or pick them up from your local pharmacy.

At the end of your consult the Doctor will send you an SMS. Choose between home delivery or browse to find your most convenient pharmacy for pick-up. Pick a time that suits you and the pharmacy will be in touch to arrange the rest. Learn more

Prescription delivery is just $5 and pickup is free.


  • Can I book on behalf of a family member?

    Of course! Commonly patients book for their children but you can book for anyone. During the booking process, when filling in the patient details, you can simply select ‘no’ to the question ‘Is this appointment for you?’ The appointment does not differ from any normal appointment and the doctor will be available to answer any health questions you or your family member have. 

  • What kinds of care might not be suitable for Bettr?

    • If the patient has a serious and urgent problem likely to need a physical examination.

    • If you need controlled drugs. Our doctors will not prescribe any controlled drugs even if they are “repeat prescriptions” for ongoing conditions. Any controlled drug has to be prescribed only after an in-person consultation.

    • If the patient is unable to use the technology due to confusion, physically disability or has serious anxieties about the technology (although having friends or family around may help).

    • If the patient is under 18, unless they have a parent or guardian present.

    • If the patient has language difficulties, unless they have access to an interpreter during the consultation.

    • Hard-of-hearing patients may find video difficult, but if they can lip-read or use the chat function, video may be a better option than telephone.

    • Visually-impaired patients may prefer a telephone consultation.

    Learn more about what we can and can't treat.

  • Can I cancel or change my appointment?

    You sure can. Unfortunately there may be charges to do this if it’s less than 24 hours before your consultation. Please see our cancellation policy.

  • The online doctor is not my regular GP; will my regular GP be informed about this online consultation?

    If Tamaki Health is not your usual doctor you will be asked to identify your usual GP or health clinic when you book your appointment. We will ask for permission to send a copy of your visit records to this doctor/clinic. You may decline to do this.

  • Can I see a male or female doctor?

    For your comfort, you can select from a range of our trusted NZ doctors, including male or female. You can see our list of available online doctors

  • Do you offer supervised RAT tests and certifications for travel?

    No, we are unable to offer supervised COVID tests via online consultation through Bettr. Patients are advised to visit their local GP or pharmacy where this service can be offered onsite and certification can provided within 20-30 minutes.

  • Can I only see an online doctor for a certain kind of sickness or injury?

    Actually, no. Telehealth or virtual care is used today to treat everything from the common cold to post-surgical wound care. Everything from migraines to acne to mental health counselling can be treated while using this technology. It’s common today for doctors to use these tools to coordinate patient care, or to use them in their clinics. Learn more about what we can and can't treat.

  • What if I’m not satisfied with the consultation?

    If you are not happy during the consultation, please tell the doctor immediately so they can respond to your concerns. If you are still not satisfied with your care after the consultation, you can provide formal feedback or make a complaint here. We take your care very seriously, and welcome all opportunities to do better.

  • Do I have to enrol or register with Bettr?

    Bettr does not require you to register or enrol, simply tell us a little about yourself and we’ll do the rest.

    If you’re already enrolled with Tamaki Health through White Cross, Local Doctors or East Tamaki Healthcare you don’t need to register or enrol with Bettr, it’s all part of the service.

    If you’re not enrolled you can choose to enrol and save on every consultation - online and in-clinic - with access to our network of 40+ urgent care and GP clinics.

  • If I choose a phone consult will the Doctor call me?

    All our phone consults are conducted online so whether you choose video or phone you will still need to follow the same process of 'joining' the call by clicking the link in the SMS or email you receive once you've booked. The Doctor will join you online at the time of the scheduled appointment. We do ask for your phone number when booking in case the Doctor or the Bettr team may call you before your appointment or if you run into a technical issue. 

  • What if the online doctor needs to see me in-person after my consultation?

    Online consultations aren't suited to every circumstance, if you're unsure whether seeing a doctor online is right for you today you can find out more about what we treat and don't treat.

    If you need to see a doctor in-person we can do that two at any of our 40+ Auckland GP and Urgent care clinics

    We understand that occasionally you may be seen by the doctor and they may determine you need to be seen in-person in this case you can refer to our cancellation and refund policy.

  • Can you issue medical certificates and referrals online?

    Yes, we offer both those services.

    For medical certificates we usually provide straight after your online doctor appointment, we aim to email it to you within 1 hour. Learn more about getting your medical certificates online.

    Sometimes, you might need some additional care to get well. If your condition requires referral either to specialist care or to see a GP in person Bettr can provide referrals. Learn more about online referrals

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Anna, August 2022

I used this service for the first time today, and just wanted to say how impressed I was with this service and the doctor I consulted with. One of the best health consultations I've had ever, and all from the comfort of my own home, and in the evening too. Thank you. I'll definitely be returning.

Paul, July 2022

This is an excellent service, soo much better than sitting in a doctors waiting room, so glad I found this, worth the wait. Dr Smith was really helpful and looked after me, thank you.

Sarah, June 2022

I have used this online video consultation service a few times now and I think it’s excellent. So much easier to organise around a busy working family life. The price is excellent. The availability is amazing and all the doctors have been understanding, professional and friendly. I really love this service.

Charlotte, May 2022

My online consultation this morning with Dr Smith was fantastic. It is great to chat with a doctor that is not only friendly by empathetic to my problems and looking for pro-active ways to help me. Love Bettr have used it many times now and such an amazing alternative to a normal trip to my local clinic.

Holly, July 2022

For a first time video consultation it was absolutely amazing! The doctor was amazing and dealt with the issue very fast and gave enough information so I was aware of the issue. Would definitely do it again! Keep up the good work.

Dominik, April 2022

Absolutely wonderful video call again from the doctor. Listened to my concerns and offered advice. Was very easy and the doctor was friendly. I was incredibly happy with his response and advice and put my mind at ease. Will most happily use again.

Donna, April 2022

The doctor was amazing. He was super friendly and incredibly understanding about my situation. Listened to me and offered good advice. He made me feel listened too right from the start and asked many questions to get the right picture. Would highly recommend and would happily use again.

Christine, February 2022

What an absolute pleasure it was talking to Dr Chaudhry. He is the best doctor we have dealt with in a very long time. Listened to our concerns gave great (clear) instructions. Didn’t make us feel like idiots or stupid. It is very rare for my daughter to say “he was a nice doctor” but today she did. Thank you for having such a great doctor on staff.

Gabriel, March 2022

The Doctor was amazing, listened to me, gave suggestions and overall a very professional experienced doctor. I am very happy with this appointment and looking forward to booking another one with him.

Sharmaine, March 2022

Awesome, fast and the doctor was awesome, the online prescription was a breeze to have delivered, thank you.

Yolanda, December 2021

Dr. Paul Hutchison was friendly and accommodating. I had a great experience during the online medical consultation because he was easy to talk to and he explained well my medical concerns. The online doctor service is a great practical way and very useful. It was easy, no waiting in line for more than 2 hours in clinic especially when I just need a repeat prescription and follow up checkup.

Sharon, February 2022

I would like to say thank you to the lovely Dr. Chowdhury for the amazing video consultation. He made me feel comfortable and at ease, more importantly he made me feel even happier knowing that he was super supportive. He went through a set of steps for me to do and it was lovely to be told what to expect and where I would be able to find a help etc. I loved this consultation so much. It was done in the comfort of my own home also. Will definitely use this next time!

Sommah, October 2021

First time seeing a Doctor online and absolutely loved it, especially for my son. At our usual Doctors we have to wait at least 2-2.5 hours, here we scheduled our appointment and it was on time. The Doctor that helped us was awesome, straight forward and asked proper questions. He was able to provide us with a prescription and it will be available at our pharmacy, so easy and fast, really appreciated this service.

Christine, February 2022

Awesome consultation. Doctor was friendly professional and immediately knowledgeable. I really feel he understood what I was feeling and how to start improving. Enjoyable morning Doctor service, thank you!

Louise, January 2022

The doctor was amazing. The instructions and information was clear it was a great online consultation. Great service. Great doctor. Thank you.

Brendan, August 2021

My Doctor was booked solid until late next week and then telephone only, so booked with Bettr. Clear and professional visual experience between Lower Hutt and Auckland, $49. How good. They have super-cheap rates if you join. By the time I got to my pharmacy the prescription was waiting.

Maryanne, August 2021

Wow had an awesome experience with the online doctor Antonio, thank you for the consultation. Dr Antonio was very warm and professional in his work. Good to know we can go online to book an appointment to get help without leaving home. Thank you Bettr Online Doctors you are much appreciated.

Viki, September 2021

Awesome! Online doctor service! Dr Kala was kind, patient and listened very carefully to my health concerns and prescribed medications. The fact that I can see a doctor virtually is absolutely perfect. Keep this service going for those that can't make it into a doctors clinics or don't want to, its priceless! Thank you so much!

Cherrie, September 2021

This is my first time using Bettr and what an amazing online health service this is - user friendly, prompt, punctual, informative, reassuring. Thank you so much, I will definitely be recommending Bettr to my whaanau and friends. Continue with this amazing online service.

Donna, October 2021

My experience was very good. It is the first time I have used this option but I think it was great to speak to to doctor online and get what I needed. Getting the prescription and being able to send it on to the chemist and pick it up 30 minutes later was great.

Eddie, October 2021

I accidentally found your online doctor service I was absolutely delighted with the help and rapid results what a great service from a hard working team I thank you all for coming to my rescue.

Paratene, July 2021

This was my first time using the service and I found it to be state of the art, futuristic in how we go to the Doctors. It was an extremely user friendly process and their are a highly skilled, dedicated arsenal of Doctors on hand who care for each patient. I was quite daunted at first but having been through first hand, I can see the amazing benefits. Thank you so much team Bettr.

Heather, August 2021

Awesome access from our own home. Save me time going into the doctors and waiting for such a long long time. Thank you Doctor Smith. You really make a difference and you provided care and willingness to help. Thank you Bettr team for this awesome first time experience. I would recommend this service to everyone.

Lee, May 2021

I love how we can see a doctor online and get a prescription. So awesome. I really appreciate it, as I wasn't feeling well enough to go anywhere. But having your doctor online is amazing. Doctor Fazlus is the best. Thanks Bettr.

Tehei, August 2021

Awesome access from our own home. Saves me going into the doctors and also saves me time waiting too. Thank you for this service very convenient for a patient like me and a very prompt response and reminder for your appointment. Thank you so much Doctor Smith you make a difference and you provided care and willingness to help me and my daughter. Thank you Bettr team for this awesome first time experience.

Antoinette, April 2021

THIS IS THE BEST SERVICE! Absolutely love it for so many reasons. Too many to list but mainly because there's no more having to wait or stand to be seen by a nurse and then sometimes wait again to see a doctor. Waiting in the comfort of your own home means so much. Please ensure we NEVER LOSE THIS ONLINE DOCTOR SERVICE.

Anastasia, February 2021

What an awesome experience that was, no 2-4 hour waiting in a room with other sick people & noise. The Doctor provided great care & empathy. The whole process was amazing from the 5 minute notification to waiting in the virtual waiting room & choosing the pharmacy to send prescriptions to, it was a great experience. Thank you
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