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Whilst Bettr doesn't currently offer patients the opportunity to speak to a doctor via live chat we have the next best option, booking online for an online doctor chat through our video service. With online booking and same day appointments the access to doctors has been made so much easier, allowing you to easily chat to a doctor online in minutes*. 

Patients who are new to looking after their health online can sometimes worry that they won’t get the same quality of care that they would when seeing a doctor in person. Or, that they won’t be able to see an experienced doctor. 

We’re here to reassure you that this isn’t the case and give you some tips to make it work well for you. 

Most common ailments are easily cared for online, and give you the added benefit of no waiting rooms, no driving or queuing, and even no getting out of your slippers if you don’t want to. Our doctors are the same experienced doctors that you will see in our affiliated clinics too, and they are ready to provide you with sound medical advice for a wide range of concerns.

If your medical issue is a common concern that doesn’t need a physical exam or urgent treatment, then we can probably give you good medical advice over the phone to help resolve things for you. We can help with non-urgent medical issues from general aches, pains, coughs and colds, from headaches to mental health support, for diagnoses and repeats and prescriptions, and can also provide referrals if you do end out needing to see a doctor or another specialist in person too. You can learn more about all the things we can and can’t attend to here. 

Access to doctor appointments isn’t always easy, juggling work commitments, childcare, transport and parking. Not to mention cost. And far from being a second-choice option, the ability to talk to an online doctor gives you the chance to have quality access to doctor care and expert advice from the comfort of wherever is most convenient, be it the office, home or even on holiday. And it’s highly affordable–with Bettr it’s even cheaper if you’re enrolled with us too, $45 per online appointment. To get all the benefits from your online chat with a doctor, all you need to do is make sure you’re prepared. 

Below we’ve put together some tips below to help you prepare in advance of a telehealth appointment so that you can make sure to get the very best medical advice when you talk to an online doctor, and get on the road to recovery.

  1. Make a list
    Build a written list of all your symptoms, concerns and questions, so that you don’t forget anything important. 
  2. Test your internet connection
    Check it 10-15 minutes before your appointment time. If you have internet issues, don’t worry - you’ll probably still be able to chat to the doctor on the phone.
  3. Find some quiet space. Tell your family to give you space, give your kids something to distract them, maybe pop out to sit in the car… anything you can to set things up so you and the doctor can have an uninterrupted conversation with you as the focus.
  4. Use headphones
    It’s not a must, but having headphones and making sure they’re working will help to get better sound quality so you can have a smooth conversation. It also means your hands are free if you need to write down notes from your chat. 
  5. Prioritise your concerns. Most doctor appointments (for both online doctors and in person) are 15 minutes in length, so if you have several issues to discuss, you might need to book a longer session to prevent having to rush. 
  6. Check your temperature
    Where it’s relevant to your illness concerns, check your temperature (or the person or child the appointment is for) in advance. The doctor won’t be able to check it remotely of course, and having the information ready will save time during the session if the doctor asks.

Know your pharmacy

If you’re likely to be receiving an online prescription during your appointment, it’s good to have decided already what pharmacy you might want them to send the prescription to. It can be wherever is most convenient for you–but they’ll need the name and/or address to make sure it goes to the right place. 

Learn more or book your doctor appointment online today 

*Subject to availability

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