Glen Innes Doctors Clinic

Local Doctors Glen Innes is a full-service general practice and urgent care clinic

Our doctors, nurses and support team are here to help you to stay well mentally and physically, and are open 8am–8pm 7 days a week so you can see us even in evenings and weekends.

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What we care for

Glen Innes is open every day to offer complete GP services as well as urgent care for accidents and injuries, providing comprehensive, high-quality, low-cost healthcare for families.

We can help with urgent care for all manner of minor injuries, such as breathing problems, cuts, burns, sprains, strains and bruises. Our experienced team are skilled at quickly and carefully assessing in order to take fast action. We are ACC accredited and able to help you get back to health after any accidental injury.

Wherever needed, we can provide prescriptions and refer you to other necessary services. With private x-ray services and a pharmacy also on site, getting additional treatment is easy.

Our medical team are experienced and dedicated in managing and providing effective treatment for complex longer-term health issues too, such as mental wellness, breathing or immune issues, dietary concerns and much more. We emphasise health education and preventative medicine, and keep our enrolled patients up to date with health screens, tests and immunisations to stay on top of their health.

Come see us for all your health concerns, such as minor accident care, minor surgery, liquid nitrogen treatments, cervical screening, IUCD Insertion and ECGs.

How it supports Bettr

Bettr’s online service is the perfect complement to our clinics. Between the two you have convenience balanced with the comfort and confidence of complete general practice services through a regular doctor who is close to you, and urgent care services if you need those too. With Glen Innes as your regular clinic, Bettr’s accessible online care provides a great backup if you need to check in with a doctor but either can’t, or don’t wish to see one in person.

Our team are well trained to provide a range of physical services that Bettr can’t do remotely, such as minor procedures, examinations, tests, screens, ACC assessments and more. As part of the Tamaki Health network, Patients enrolled with our clinic network also benefit from reduced rates for Bettr appointments, at just $15 per appointment (or free for children under 14).

If you are given a prescription during your visit, you can organise repeat prescriptions through Bettr, or vice versa. With all our clinics and Bettr linked through the same system, your records are available wherever you need them

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Local Doctors Glen Innes is a walk-in only clinic providing general practice services and urgent care for accidents and injuries, 7 days a week.

Finding Us

Our location on Mayfair Place in East Auckland is near major roads, close to public transport and has parking available.
5 Mayfair Place Glen Innes
Open 7 Days
8.00am – 8.00pm Monday–Sunday
Phone 09 528 9054


Our diverse and friendly team welcome all cultures and members of our team speak Cantonese and Mandarin, Hindi and Tamil as well as English.


For enrolled patients, fees at Glen Innes start at $10 for adults with a Community Services Card during normal business hours, or $15 for those without. Children under 14 are always seen free, whether they’re enrolled or not, and we extend free appointments to enrolled youths aged 14–17 as well. If you are enrolled at Glen Innes, or any other clinic in our network, you also get access to Bettr appointments for just $15 (or again always free for kids under 14).

Learn more on the Local Doctors Glen Innes page.

Online or a clinic, which to choose?

If you’re unsure whether to see a Bettr doctor or to visit a clinic, you might be surprised just how much we can take care of in an online consult. Most common health concerns can be tended to easily and effectively. Even repeat prescriptions are easy via Bettr. (Prescriptions for new or restricted medicines might require an in-person visit).

If you do end out needing to see a doctor in-person, we’ll refer you to our nearest clinic and your in-person visit will be either free, or you’ll just pay the cost difference between your original online appointment, and your in-person follow-up.

If your health concern requires a physical treatment or test (like immunisations, a cervical, prostate or other exam, or skin tag and wart removal for example) it’s likely best for you to head into one of our clinics.

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