Doctors in Mangere Town Centre

The Local Doctors clinic at Mangere Town Centre provides general practice healthcare and urgent care services.

We serve our local community 7 days a week 8am-8pm, helping you fit health care in around other responsibilities like school or work. The clinic provides a walk-in service so if you’ve been referred by a Bettr doctor to see someone in person, there is no need to book an appointment.

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What we care for

If you have had an accident or injury and need urgent care, we’ll get you patched up with careful assessment and fast action. Our medical team can perform plastering and suturing, asthma treatment, wound care and tend to all sorts of other minor injuries, sprains and strains, bumps and bruises.

Where it’s needed, we can ensure you are referred to any other health services you may need to see whether that’s local, regional or even national. For example getting an x-ray, going to hospital, or a particular specialist service. ACC accredited, we can help make sure you get the care you need after an accident too.

Some of these services are even available onsite including x-ray, dentist and pharmacy.

Our skilled team are dedicated to keeping our community healthy long-term and can help with immunisations, screenings and more, so you stay well. Our team of GPs and nurses have long-term relationships with many people in our community, offering ongoing support for the whole whānau including children’s healthcare, and treatment and management of long-term health issues, such as depression, asthma and diabetes.

How it supports Bettr

Our physical clinics complement Bettr’s online doctor appointments by providing complementary services and ensuring continuity in your care. At Mangere Town Centre Local Doctors we can support Bettr’s convenient online care with regular medical care through our general practice team. Our GP team offers the full range of general health services including physical health, and mental wellbeing support where it is needed.

Our general practice team are well trained to provide a range of physical services that Bettr can’t do remotely. Such as minor surgeries and procedures, including biopsy, vasectomy (which can be performed in the clinic in under an hour), IUCD insertion, cervical screening, liquid nitrogen treatment for lesions, warts or skin issues, ECG measurements and more. We can also provide Well Child/Tamariki Ora health checks from birth to three years, immunisations, and much more.

If you are given a prescription during your visit, you can organise repeat prescriptions through Bettr, or vice versa. With all our clinics and Bettr linked through the same system, your records are available wherever you need them.

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Conveniently located adjacent to the Mangere Town Centre, we are easy to get to and parking is readily available with over 1,000 free parks on site. A thriving hub in Mangere, the town centre is the heart of the community and our health clinic sits right alongside other shops and services for your ultimate convenience.

Finding Us

We’re easy to find, and to get to. Located at 10 Waddon Place in Mangere, South Auckland, the clinic is right next to major roads and to public transport. Pop in and see us, we’re open 7 days 8am–8pm and you can just walk in.


Our friendly team are ethnically diverse and members of the team speak English, Hindi, Georgian, Russian, Tamil, Malay, Bengali, Tongan and Samoan.


Fees start at $15 for enrolled patients during regular hours and $20 for enrolled patients after hours and on weekends.

Appointments are always free for children aged 13 years and under whether they’re enrolled or not. At Mangere Town Centre clinic, we also offer free appointments to youths between 14–17 when they’re enrolled with us.

If you are enrolled as a patient at the Mangere Town Centre clinic, you also get access to Bettr appointments for just $15 (or again always free for kids 13 years and under).


Bettr's online doctor service is available to everyone, whether you’re registered or not.

If you register, Bettr gets even better:

Get access to all the services of Local Doctors including Bettr and face-to-face consultations.

The price of Bettr consulations drops to $19, and under 14s are free!

Register for $45 consults
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