Paratene, July 2021

This was my first time using the service and I found it to be state of the art, futuristic in how we go to the Doctors. It was an extremely user friendly process and their are a highly skilled, dedicated arsenal of Doctors on hand who care for each patient. I was quite daunted at first but having been through first hand, I can see the amazing benefits. Thank you so much team Bettr.

Tina, July 2021

Dr Matthew was very professional during the appointment. He wasn’t rushed into details, taking the time and analysed the situation before explaining it to me. He also repeated the medication details and making sure that I understood everything. This is first time I’ve used an online appointment and Dr Matthew has given an awesome experience. It was a seamless experience. Thank you Dr Matthew

Teresa, July 2021

Had 2 appointments for myself and my daughter and both doctors were absolutely helpful and amazing! Explained everything to them and they straight away gave me what I needed for a prescription. Thank you so much Bettr, will definitely be using you guys again.

Melanie, July 2021

This is a fantastic service. The doctors I have dealt with listen and make me feel heard which is very different to some experiences I have had in clinic. Prescriptions are sent to the chemist of my choice and I can have them ready to collect instead of wasting time waiting around.

Anne, July 2021

I love this, so convenient and I was too sick to drive myself to the doctor. Thank you for making online doctors possible.

Ringakapo, June 2021

As a first time user using this website it was awesome as having a booked appointment made my day so much easier. As I could do other errands instead of sitting in the Doctor's surgery waiting for a couple of hours to be seen to. I would highly recommend this service if you don't need to see a Doctor in person.

Salman, June 2021

Amazing service so fast and efficient, this is the best thing that could've happened in terms of going to see your local doctor, very happy with the new service and will always use this.

Matthew, June 2021

Doctor Medina was extremely professional and empathetic. I was initially hesitant to try an online consultation but the way he handled things was fantastic. I'll certainly be using this service again should the need arise.

Jacqueline, June 2021

It was amazing, what helped me feel more at ease was the customer service at the beginning of the consultation giving me instructions on how to connect and what to expect. I was panicking and nervous because I didn't know what was going to happen, this is my first time. This has made things so much easier than waiting in the doctors. Thank you.

Taylah, June 2021

Great to have this service. It was fast, safe and efficient the ability to get a prescription and medical certificate without having to bring three babies with me is such a relief of stress. It's so much safer knowing we also don't have to go into the doctors where other people are sick. Great initiative and will be looking forward to using this service again.

Sophie, June 2021

The experience was amazingly awesome, relaxed and simple. Your doctor Antonio was wonderful. Very easy to chat and laugh with. Keep him on definitely!!! Overall AAA+. Nice to know this service is so readily available when you really need it. Thank you so much. Don't change anything! Your awesome!!

Peggy, May 2021

This service is amazing. Very handy when you have no way of getting to your local GP. Doctor was very easy to talk to and made my son feel comfortable throughout the consultation. Highly recommended and will continue to use this service in the future.
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