Taylah, June 2021

Great to have this service. It was fast, safe and efficient the ability to get a prescription and medical certificate without having to bring three babies with me is such a relief of stress. It's so much safer knowing we also don't have to go into the doctors where other people are sick. Great initiative and will be looking forward to using this service again.

Sophie, June 2021

The experience was amazingly awesome, relaxed and simple. Your doctor Antonio was wonderful. Very easy to chat and laugh with. Keep him on definitely!!! Overall AAA+. Nice to know this service is so readily available when you really need it. Thank you so much. Don't change anything! Your awesome!!

Peggy, May 2021

This service is amazing. Very handy when you have no way of getting to your local GP. Doctor was very easy to talk to and made my son feel comfortable throughout the consultation. Highly recommended and will continue to use this service in the future.

Lee, May 2021

I love how we can see doctor online and get prescription and pick up. So awesome. I really appreciate it, as I wasn't feeling well enough to go anywhere. But having your doctor online is amazing. Doctor Fazlus is the best. Thanks Bettr.

Peter, May 2021

Very good loved the information and service I received. I will be using Dr Smith again most definitely thank you so much for everything.

Sheena, May 2021

Easy peasy, hassle-free online check-up! Dr. Medina is very friendly at the same time professional. He did diagnose me well. Well done, Bettr team!

Michela, May 2021

Was such a great experience, the doctor was amazing and gave my mum the re-assurance she needed about her health. Thanks lots Doc.

Karri, May 2021

"Such an awesome, easy process. Makes talking to a doctor so much easier at the moment, but still just as thorough."

Shianne, May 2021

Brilliant service, would recommend to everyone not requiring an in person consultation.

Renee, April 2021

Just wanted to say how fantastic the Bettr service is. This system is easy to use, and so convenient. Especially for people who struggle with leaving their homes, or have disabilities that hinder going into the doctor's physically. I can now see a GP more frequently, as a person with multiple conditions this makes managing my conditions easier.

Antoinette, April 2021

THIS IS THE BEST SERVICE! Absolutely love it for so many reasons. Too many to list but mainly because there's no more having to wait or stand to be seen by a nurse and then sometimes wait again to see a doctor. Waiting in the comfort of your own home means so much. Please ensure we NEVER LOSE THIS ONLINE DOCTOR SERVICE.

Sophie, April 2021

What an awesome service! I love the fact I don’t have to leave the house or wait hours to see a doctor. Definitely would recommend to family and friends! It’s a great way for families to be able to see a doctor without the hassle or being in a waiting room for hours with other people being sick and the possibility of passing it on to you.

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