A'a, February 2021

My appointment using Bettr online consultation was excellent. The Dr was thorough and asked the right questions. I felt heard and taken seriously regarding my symptoms. I am so happy with my consultation and the service is awesome!!

Akerei, February 2021

I just used Bettr tonight and they were super efficient, my son's prescription was sent straight away to my local pharmacy ready for pickup tomorrow. My 3yo son was free because he's under 14. Very convenient and saves me waiting for a free appointment to my doctor which isn't available until next Tuesday.

Ita, February 2021

I love this service. There's no long waiting time at the clinic. I don't have to try find parking or use petrol to get to the clinic, and its done in the comfort of my own home. I love the reminder beforehand to get me ready. Continue this amazing service please.

Farooq, February 2021

Excellent solution, on time and love the experience. Keep offering this service.

Bailey, January 2021

I think this is an incredibly inclusive and progressive service and believe it will be beneficial to so many New Zealanders. Affordable, convenient and safe. I've already told many family and friends.

Mujahid, January 2021

AWESOME. One of the best doctors I have seen in NZ. He was so knowledgeable and caring. He explains everything in detail and gives a peace of mind. I wish I can have him as my GP. Highly recommended. Thank you Bettr for making things better, much appreciated.

Sieuli, January 2021

Awesome service and really flexible with work and kids. Highly recommend this service 👌

Regina, January 2021

I'm very content and it was just perfect, very clear both ways. Great and convenient.

Donna, January 2021

Very helpful, and very understanding. Doctor gave great advice and also recommended other options which I can look into. Highly recommended.

Margaret, January 2021

Awesome service. Will recommend Bettr to family and friends

Aveta, December 2020

I was scared at first but prepared myself 5 mins before my scheduled appointment, I was nervous but my video consult with the doctor went well. It's awesome. Where have you been all my life when I've been waiting in a line. Thank you.

Dee, December 2020

Such a seamless and stress free process, convenient and straight forward, the easiest option as opposed to making an appointment and going in to see the doctor. Less wait time, avoiding the queues, reasonable cost, highly recommend this service.
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