$75 for non-registered patients

You can use Bettr even if you aren’t registered.

Appointments on Bettr cost $75 for non-registered patients. Sometimes you might need an online doctor just as a one off. It’s an easy way to have care come to you when you can’t see your regular doctor. 

If you are already registered with another healthcare provider as your regular doctor and would like to stay with them, or if you prefer not to register with a health provider at all, you can still see an online doctor through Bettr.

Bettr is also perfect if you live remotely and can’t always conveniently travel to see your regular GP.

Bettr’s benefits still apply:

  • Same day and next day appointments*
  • Book in under 2 minutes and be seeing a doctor within 20 minutes*
  • See a doctor 8am–8pm, 7 days a week
  • No queuing. No waiting.
  • Login to your appointment from anywhere
  • Free for kids under 14

*Subject to availability

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Why Register with Bettr?

Bettr costs just $45 per appointment when you register with us in Auckland as your primary health provider. Our network includes Local Doctors and White Cross clinics, so when you register you get access to Bettr and our 40+ GP and Urgent care clinics all-in-one. Registering gets you cheaper rates, with most in-person GP consults $20 or under and an online consult just $45, or free for under-14's. Registering is free and only takes a minute.

Remember, you don't need to register to use Bettr, you can book now and pay $75, plus, it's still free for under-14's. 

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Register for $45 consults
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If you're in Auckland you can register today and see a doctor for $45. You can also see a doctor in-person at any of our 40+ GP clinics for under $20*. Learn More