Registering with Bettr

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For more benefits to save time and money

  • $10 for all Bettr virtual GP consults
  • Access to 48+ clinics nationwide
  • Cheaper in-person GP visits (most GP consults $20 or under, less with a community services card)

Bettr is part of New Zealand’s largest primary healthcare provider, Tamaki Health. Our network includes Local Doctors and White Cross clinics, so when you enrol with us as your regular doctor’s service, you have access to all our 40+ clinics and to Bettr online services in one. This means you receive cheaper rates whenever you need to visit a doctor, including every online visit too. You can enrol your whole family to receive the same benefits too. 

Bettr is available to everyone – rates are significantly lower for enrolled patients, but you don’t have to be enrolled with us to access our online doctors. 

As part of our network, we offer many other benefits to our enrolled customers including: 

  • Most face-to-face GP consults $20 or under at Local Doctors 
  • Over 30 clinics across Auckland including both GP clinics under Local Doctors, and 24-hour urgent care clinics under White Cross (see them all here)
  • One enrolment, access all clinics, no hidden costs
  • Choose from bookings or walk-in services
  • Extended clinic hours (many open 7-days until 8pm, two open 24 hours)
  • Online live wait-time checker
  • Access to extra services, like diabetes treatment, minor surgeries, mental wellness support, free ACC assessments and follow-ups

Enrol with Local Doctors online, it takes less than 5 minutes, it’s easy and free. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book even if I am not a Local Doctors or White Cross patient?

    Yes, regardless of whether you are an existing patient or not you can make an appointment. If you are an existing Tamaki Health patient either through Local Doctors, White Cross or East Tamaki Healthcare you do not need to enrol with Bettr, simply fill in your details and we’ll do the rest. Please note that at this time new patients cannot arrange a telephone virtual consultation of any kind or a video consultation for a new ACC (accident or injury) concern.

  • The Bettr doctor is not my regular GP; will my regular GP be informed about this telehealth consultation?

    If Tamaki Health is not your usual doctor you will be asked to identify your usual GP or health clinic and for permission to send a copy of your visit records to this doctor/clinic. You may decline to do this.

  • What other care options are available?

    You can choose another kind of consultation instead of a telehealth consultation such as:

    A “telephone only” consultation. Please note a telephone only consultation is available if you are a regular patient of one of our GPs (are “enrolled/registered”).

    A face to face consultation at any of our clinics nationwide.

  • Can I register with Bettr outside Auckland?

    You can currently only register with Bettr in Auckland or Palmerston North. To learn more please visit our registration page. 


Suafai, August 2020

Absolutely loved it!!! The Doctor was awesome! I loved that he was able to organise prescription & also my Winz form etc. Also receiving the text about choosing a pharmacy to pick up my prescription is just great!! All from the comfort of my home & warm slippers!!!!

Dee, December 2020

Such a seamless and stress free process, convenient and straight forward, the easiest option as opposed to making an appointment and going in to see the doctor. Less wait time, avoiding the queues, reasonable cost, highly recommend this service.

Molly, August 2020

Just leaving some feedback to let you know the Telehealth appointment was awesome! Being a mum, it can be such a hassle to take my baby with me to my normal GP office! The video call was so handy, I even did it in my dressing gown! My doctor was very thorough and got to know me. I will be recommending it to friends and family!

Bailey, January 2021

I think this is an incredibly inclusive and progressive service and believe it will be beneficial to so many New Zealanders. Affordable, convenient and safe. I've already told many family and friends.

Nadia, October 2020

Fabulous consult listened well to my concerns, awesome Doctor. Bettr is an amazing service that I find really helpful, fast and efficient! It's easy to see a doctor without sitting in a clinic for hours with children! Will definitely be back and will recommend to others.

Aveta, December 2020

I was scared at first but prepared myself 5 mins before my scheduled appointment, I was nervous but my video consult with the doctor went well. It's awesome. Where have you been all my life when I've been waiting in a line. Thank you.

Alfred, October 2020

That was the best phone call for help and advice that I’ve ever had. Dr Smart is an amazing person who has excellent empathy and should be commended. 10/10 would recommend.

Ace, July 2020

I just wanted to voice how wonderful the video consultation was, it was easy and very convenient especially with a young toddler.

Also just wanted to emphasise that the video consultation service you provide is the best thing I have experienced in health care. Thank you

Hargun, November 2020

I love it. It’s really good initiative. I don’t drive and every time I need to go to a clinic, I have to take a taxi or public transport. The travel and wait for the doctor saves so much time. Please keep online appointments going. Thank you!

Wendy, October 2020

Awesome, love it now I get to see the same doctor, no waiting at the doctor's feeling more sick amongst other strangers. Great that my prescription gets emailed to me as well as the lab test.

Rinal, July 2020

This is amazing help for patients who can’t go out to a walk-in surgery. I had a really good experience. Thank you

Bunny, July 2020

I was sceptical about having a video call as I wanted the doctor to see my concerns but I’m comfortable that the doctor has given me the best treatment possible. Thank you

Keely, November 2020

Such a friendly doctor to consult with. Happy to continue using this online/virtual consultation as it is a lot better and easier than waiting several hours at the clinic to see a doctor, just to get a prescription.

Taylor, July 2020

I have nothing but a positive response to my consultation. A much better experience than having to wait in the queue for 2 hours to only get a brief appointment with a Dr. The Dr was very informative, knowledgeable and caring. Thank you again.

Mitali, August 2020

Absolutely fantastic experience. Getting all my concerns resolved over a phone call face-to-face with the doctor is simply amazing.

Kim, August 2020

Think this is a great idea. Perfect for repeat prescriptions, blood test form requests and chronic illness.